Friday, 24 May 2013

Review: Natural Collection ShineAway Foundation & Pressed Powder


Today I am going to review 2 of the Boots own brand products of Natural Collection.

ShineAway Foundation
Price: £1.99
Colours: Porcelain, Sand, Biscuit

I have this in the colour porcelain. I have quite light skin but a lot of redness and also red hair to give you an idea. At first when I bought the product it was alright. It was quite flaky and I have noticed as time has gone on, it has got more and more flaky and doesn't cover my skin evenly. I would say that it doesn't really help the shininess of my face, if anything it makes it shinier still, so I would say that this product is NOT suitable for oily skin at all. I do notice that it brings out my spots so I do try not to use it regularly but that is just my annoying skin for you! However, I have to give some credit, bearing in mind it is only £1.99, I shouldn't expect an amazing product. 

Link to Boots ShineAway Foundation:
Pressed Powder
Price: £1.99
Colours: Warm, neutral, cool

I would say this pressed powder, for the price, is VERY GOOD! I have warm and it gets rid of all shine on my face much better than the foundation. I use either a sponge which is from a makeup kit/brush (Colourworks) and that is fine. As with most powders it does pick up all your hairs on your face, and sometimes around my nose especially it does look very fake and nott very nice. For £1.99 you don't get a lot in the little tin and if you were to use it everyday then it wouldn't last you longer than 2 weeks depending on how much of it you need to cover. But it does do tthe job, and I would recommend it over the foundation.

Link to Boots Pressed Powder:

I would recommend the Pressed Powder, but I would splash out on a more expensive brand of foundation to use with the pressed powder becuase the ShineAway Foundation is just not very good whatsoever! Sorry Boots!

Hope you enjoyed my makeup review, let us know if you want reviews on more makeup things!

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