Thursday, 23 May 2013

One Direction - Take Me Home REVIEW

Yes! We know this is very slow considering the album came out LAST YEAR, but we just couldn't help ourselves!!

I received the album for Christmas and I fell in love with it almost instantly. I had already heard, along with half the nation, the first few songs on there, like Live while we're young and Kiss You.

I have to admit I was momentarily disappointed to see that there were no lyrics in the front of the album case which meant I couldn't sing along to my favourite songs by One Direction just to annoy the neighbours...not that I do that anyway...

But the moment soon passed as I sat listening to the whole album. And then I came across Number 9.
Now, we've all done it, you sit there listening to the track and immediately think 'No, this is not for me, this is so completly wrong and so not what I want from One Direction', but instead of changing the track you wait just to see if anything changes in the chorus.

Now the song I am talking about is 'I Would'. If you've heard it you know that the are almost 3 parts to the chorus, and in every part there is a new drum beat added. OMG is all I can say. It is just amazing and all the way up and down the country my family were blessed with listening to this track ON REPEAT,, that's right! 

It is seriously immense and I can't stop listening to it. i even do the actions and the background singing all by myself. You only embarass yourself that much if you are truly IN LOVE with a song. So I suggest you buy the track, even if it is just to hear harrys' solo where you have to admit you pretend he is singing to you. 

My other favourite song is They Don't Know About Us which i firstly love because it starts of with a piano solo. Now, being an avid piano player myself, there doesnt seem to be any piano solos matched with pop songs apart from the odd song from alicia keys. the second reason I love it is because it is a slow and calming song and its a bit different from the rest of the album and it is a great song to have on repeat.

So, in conclusion: you must buy the album, congratulations to One Direction for  a very successful album but the one message I think we can take away from this is:

One Direction: You have permission to Take Me Home :D

Look how cute they are!!! ^^^^^^ 

Sorelle Di Stile  xx

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