Thursday, 23 May 2013

Body Shop Products REVIEW.


So today I am going to review two products I purchased from The Body Shop. 

I actually ordered them online the other day to take advantage of the 40% off an free delivery over £5 that was on offer- they were practically giving the products away!

The first product I bought was the banana shampoo.  I bought the 250ml and after all the offers it was around £2.50. The smell isn't overly powerful hut there is definitely a sweet scent of banana and it is made sweet by Fairtrade honey extract! It hasn't changed my hair, an maybe that is because I didn't buy the conditioner to go with it, but it was a lovely texture and felt like it washed my hair out well without having bucket loads of chemicals in it!

The second product I bought was the tea tree face wash in also 250ml. This was around the £3 mark after taking of the 40%. I really like tea tree oil and I feel like it does quite a lot for my skin and clears it up. After I'd used the wash, my face felt extremely  clean and it smelt fresh I have oily and dry skin which I know a large percentage of people have but it is so annoying! I would say that it worked on the oily part of my face (the t-zone) because it literally sucked the oil from my face! As you can imagine this wasn't good for the dry part of my face which was left in a bit of a bad way but that was soon fixed with moisturiser. So, I would say this is perfect for people with oily skin, and if you have a mixture of skin types then just put the wash on the oily parts of your face. 

So, in conclusion I would recommend both products but obviously if you have dry skin do NOT go for the wash because it will strip your skin of it's natural oils. 

Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of Body Shop products!

Sorelle Di Stile   Xx 

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