Thursday, 8 August 2013

One Direction Lipstick Review!

Just to let you know I only bought two lipsticks but I'm gonna review both!

When I saw One Direction were releasing a makeup line called Little Things I felt a mix of excitement (the inner carrot in me) and kinda embarrassment! I hate some of the merchandise that has been produced like the stationary and lunch boxes - it just makes me cringe. 

However, I saw the colours of the makeup, namely the lipsticks and I swear I fell in love! 

The lipsticks are so creamy and easy to apply, unfortunately the 1D logo on the top of the lipstick comes off as soon as you've applied it. 

It comes in a bullet shape and has Kiss You written on the bottle with two x's and a star! 

The first lipstick I bought was Liam's called I WANT. Even though he is not my favourite band member I had to buy the lipstick just for the colour alone. It is gorgeous. 
It is a mix between red and pink, I would probably say fushia but when you apply it, it has a sheen to it. I just think it's such a lovely colour that I had to purchase it! 

I then bought Harry's which is called BE MINE. Harry is my favourite but I do also like the colour as well, which is quite a deep red and definitely the darkest and richest colour in the collection. 
When you apply it, the colour is not actually as rich or dark, and you could easily change the deepness of the red by putting Vaseline underneath the lipstick. 

Zayn and Niall's colours are a shade of pink and Louis' is quite a light purple, almost lilac :) 

The lipsticks are £3 each and can be purchased from:
You can also pick them up from any superdrug store and I found mine on the MUA makeup stand. 

Thanks for reading! Byeeeeeeee <3

P.S. I apologise for what you can see of my face- I seem to have completely broken out in millions of spots ughhh! 

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